Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I must confess. I am doing this post just so I can pin my own picture on Pinterest. I know, it's just silly.

A few years ago, I built my own wreath tree:

I spent a long time and quite a bit of money collecting my wreaths, the rest of the year contemplating how to hang it, for reals. I went to Home Depot and tried meekly to answer the dumbfounded older fellow's question, "What are you using the chain for?" I drilled a hole in my ceiling, in the dead center of my front room window. I created the ball at the top using my own ingenuity. Then I spent two days assembling the whole thing, trying to get it to hang right.

I mean, I totally committed to the whole thing. (And when I say "I", I mean myself and my dutiful and wonderful husband who often gets to stand next to me in Home Depot as I try to explain what crazy thing I'm doing so the poor guy can help me choose the right tool for the job.)

The other day I was wondering how long I was going to keep it, that maybe it was time for a change. Then when I hung it up today I realized again just how much it makes me happy.

  Not sure how I got the pic this way, but I kinda like it.

I. Love. It.

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