Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Am So Very Grateful!

First, I must say a huge thank you to all those who came by the Boutique and supported all of the crafters (and me!) this year. It was a good show, with lots of great crafts and crowded hallways! Yay!

I took a nap after the show, so now I can't sleep, which gives me some time to do an update here and show the pics I promised earlier! In all the craziness, the unmanned blog here posted a bunch of card posts that I now can't figure out how to remove. Just an FYI, that's what all that's about.

Family stuff:

 kinda blurry, I musta got in a hurry! :)

Boy stuff:

Girl stuff:

Vacation stuff:

Remember the book boxes? I was able to get several done for the show!

It seems like there should be more to show... Guess what, there is! Or was?

I made some wreaths this year that were very popular. They are made from the leftover pages that I take out of the altered books. I also made a new Christmas book, which I am super excited about. I can't wait to have one for myself! It is an advent calendar with a different thing to do each day, but I focused more on service kinds of things. The things I have intentions of doing each year but never do. 

For example, on Dec. 2 it says: "Write letters/cards to friends & family, include a soldier on your list this year. Mail to:..." and I included an address to send them to. Another day says, "Find as many coins throughout the day as you can. Make a game of it. Then, together, take them to a store with a Salvation Army bucket." Some things were simple, like just listening to holiday music, or driving around to see the lights. 

Anyway, I am making myself one very soon and I'll post the pictures of that one because... since I sorta go crazy the night before the Boutique, I forgot to take several pictures. So, if you bought a wreath or a Christmas book titled "Sharing the Magic", take some pictures of them and email them to me! Please! :)

Thanks for another great year everybody! I am grateful for your support and love. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the season. We are very blessed!

Thanks for dropping by!

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