Friday, April 6, 2012

Avoiding the Taxes!!

See the date? Seems that I will go to almost any length to avoid that pesky April deadline. Why do I do it to myself? Every year I tell myself that I will get them done early and every year it gets later and later. *sigh*. I. Hate. Them.

So this is what I did instead :)
They're bookmarks!!

They're a little speckly because I couldn't resist hitting them with a little shimmer spray, I just love the stuff.

So it is now with great dragging of my feet and lots of the humph-ing that I detest from my kids that I stop procrastinating and do the devil's work: taxes *shiver*

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

For a Bridal Shower

A few times, I am asked to make something to be passed around at a bridal (or baby) shower for guests to write pearls of wisdom and well wishes into. I always include quotes and poems in the books to fill some empty spaces, too. This time, we added some party favor embellishments to the order, with the xoxo flags and flowers to go under cake pops. That was fun!

Here's my latest take on the idea:
You have to imagine that the stick is white and instead of a cotton
ball there's a beautiful culinary cake pop delectable.

Also, the title is hard to see because I added a pearl shimmer to the ink.
Gorgeous, but didn't photograph well because it reflects the light.
It says, "Happily Ever After tips"

Just wanted to do a closeup shot of the
"ghost" stamping I did here. 

See the pearl shimmer?

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Wedding Guest Book

Yesterday, I mentioned to a gal that she could check my blog for some examples of wedding guest books and told her about this one specifically, but now I realize it's not even posted! Shame!

This was an amazing book for me to do and it turned out so beautiful. For this one, the pics were given to me and I incorporated them into an album for guests to sign at the reception. The title is her own, which makes it incredibly personal. It didn't hurt that the couple is gorgeous and her photographer was exceptional, either. Whoever that was, props. Really.

The brides color palette was soft pink, grey and white. At first I was nervous about that, but it turns out that she is very wise. She told me she liked damask and paisley and flowers. I ended up incorporating 3 shades of grey and the pink just settled into that like it had been created to be paired with grey!

To see other wedding guest albums click here. My apologies that I don't have a search box on the blog. It might be easier to find a few things if I did. If anyone knows how to get it let me know!

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Christmas Card Album

This album was a fun way to revisit Christmas. The gal said she'd been saving the Christmas cards her friends and family send to her and she wanted a book to put them in so she could watch them grow up through the cards. I hope this helps her with that!

Christmas cards are so large! It ended up filling a book quite fast. The last couple of pages are just pockets so that a stack can fit back there together.

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