Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Into the Spirit of Things

Thought I'd share with you my Christmas Advent calendar book.

I must say, some days it's pretty hard to stay on track! So we've skipped a few here and there. I really tried to keep to the things we would be doing anyway, just adding to it slightly or assigning it to a certain day. For example, we get gifts for teachers anyway, or write cards anyway. We always donate to the Salvation Army, although, on that day we did the whole search for coins & by the time we left the house there weren't any bell ringers out, so the coins are still riding around in a jar in the car! :)

Today, I have the extra meals to think about. It's a harder one, I admit. But one of the ones that all year I really thought about and wanted to include in a tradition in some way. Hopefully, we'll get to drop the coins off at the same time!!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I must confess. I am doing this post just so I can pin my own picture on Pinterest. I know, it's just silly.

A few years ago, I built my own wreath tree:

I spent a long time and quite a bit of money collecting my wreaths, the rest of the year contemplating how to hang it, for reals. I went to Home Depot and tried meekly to answer the dumbfounded older fellow's question, "What are you using the chain for?" I drilled a hole in my ceiling, in the dead center of my front room window. I created the ball at the top using my own ingenuity. Then I spent two days assembling the whole thing, trying to get it to hang right.

I mean, I totally committed to the whole thing. (And when I say "I", I mean myself and my dutiful and wonderful husband who often gets to stand next to me in Home Depot as I try to explain what crazy thing I'm doing so the poor guy can help me choose the right tool for the job.)

The other day I was wondering how long I was going to keep it, that maybe it was time for a change. Then when I hung it up today I realized again just how much it makes me happy.

  Not sure how I got the pic this way, but I kinda like it.

I. Love. It.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Am So Very Grateful!

First, I must say a huge thank you to all those who came by the Boutique and supported all of the crafters (and me!) this year. It was a good show, with lots of great crafts and crowded hallways! Yay!

I took a nap after the show, so now I can't sleep, which gives me some time to do an update here and show the pics I promised earlier! In all the craziness, the unmanned blog here posted a bunch of card posts that I now can't figure out how to remove. Just an FYI, that's what all that's about.

Family stuff:

 kinda blurry, I musta got in a hurry! :)

Boy stuff:

Girl stuff:

Vacation stuff:

Remember the book boxes? I was able to get several done for the show!

It seems like there should be more to show... Guess what, there is! Or was?

I made some wreaths this year that were very popular. They are made from the leftover pages that I take out of the altered books. I also made a new Christmas book, which I am super excited about. I can't wait to have one for myself! It is an advent calendar with a different thing to do each day, but I focused more on service kinds of things. The things I have intentions of doing each year but never do. 

For example, on Dec. 2 it says: "Write letters/cards to friends & family, include a soldier on your list this year. Mail to:..." and I included an address to send them to. Another day says, "Find as many coins throughout the day as you can. Make a game of it. Then, together, take them to a store with a Salvation Army bucket." Some things were simple, like just listening to holiday music, or driving around to see the lights. 

Anyway, I am making myself one very soon and I'll post the pictures of that one because... since I sorta go crazy the night before the Boutique, I forgot to take several pictures. So, if you bought a wreath or a Christmas book titled "Sharing the Magic", take some pictures of them and email them to me! Please! :)

Thanks for another great year everybody! I am grateful for your support and love. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the season. We are very blessed!

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