Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Into the Spirit of Things

Thought I'd share with you my Christmas Advent calendar book.

I must say, some days it's pretty hard to stay on track! So we've skipped a few here and there. I really tried to keep to the things we would be doing anyway, just adding to it slightly or assigning it to a certain day. For example, we get gifts for teachers anyway, or write cards anyway. We always donate to the Salvation Army, although, on that day we did the whole search for coins & by the time we left the house there weren't any bell ringers out, so the coins are still riding around in a jar in the car! :)

Today, I have the extra meals to think about. It's a harder one, I admit. But one of the ones that all year I really thought about and wanted to include in a tradition in some way. Hopefully, we'll get to drop the coins off at the same time!!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Unknown said...

These are some great ideas. Thank you for sharing :)