Monday, October 24, 2011

Very Busy!

I think I've been very busy indeed!

I have managed to accomplish quite a bit since my last post. I will admit to having to keep a list going because I simply have too many unfinished projects going on at once. It does feel good to cross things off as I go!

I finished the cookbook:

 And even made another:

I kinda want one of these for myself!

I made a wreath, but haven't decided if I'm finished with it or not:

I made 2 Christmas books, but didn't quite finish them as I ran out of adhesive quite suddenly and am still waiting for more to arrive :)

I've started 2 more Christmas books, new ones for this year! Yay!

Have almost finished a book with this palette:

And have had this new idea floating around my head, let me know what you think:

Inside it's a box for storing loose pictures. I'm pretty sure I could fill up bunches of these myself every year! 1 for the family, 1 for each kid, football, swimming, track, camping, vacations, Christmas, etc. That way, even if it took me several years to get them into albums, the pictures could still be around and accessible AND be safely stored! Looking for some feedback on this one, before I make dozens. Good idea, or not so much?

*sigh* my poor table and workspace!
When I was a kid, I saw this cooking show once where the host said, "I just love a messy kitchen! It means there is something exciting going on." -or something like that. So, I've decided that it's a good thing that I am surrounded by tables and desks, yet only have 2 square feet of functional space!

Thanks for dropping by!

P.S. Still waiting for some ideas on what to do with this palette! Help! Family? Boy? Hmmm...

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