Thursday, April 16, 2009

From the basement...

I am often asked if I have a website, and frankly I have wondered for a couple of years now how to do just that. But, I am not computer savvy in any way and seriously lack the skills to even ask the right questions to the right people. I have a brother-in-law who sort-of set one up, but it required me to actually attempt to make changes on it. I quickly abandoned the whole thing, and was shocked when trying to show a friend this site, the other one popped up. Guess what, I don’t even know how to delete it from the outer stretches of cyber-space!

Thus the birth of the blog. A site that allows me to update as often as I choose and although I am still trying to decide on its actual feel and function, it ultimately serves the purpose that I would want from a website. I will periodically paste this post as new so as to keep newcomers informed, because when I tried to include it in my profile, it would only allow me “1200 characters”…sheesh! (Although now, as I sit here, I can’t even think of what I must have been trying to say that could possibly have been so verbose!)

Because what I do is so personal to you, or should be, I feel like it’s important to communicate with you freely and directly about what you need, rather than filling out an order form. I have created countless books from baby to vacation and from heritage to wedding guest signature books. Currently, I'm working on baptism programs and a book full of written memories for a grandmother in Texas.

I love doing this. I love the preservation of pictures and memories, and I love the idea that maybe someday, if they're not packed in a shoebox, your great-grandkids will be able to discern a certain part of who you were and what your life was like.

The entirety of the bottom of the blog is photos of previous books done either custom or for the Unique Boutique Craft Fair held every year in Idaho Falls. I think I will start including paper collections here to view as well. It will be sort-of a before and after, as well as what’s available to pick from for your own custom book.

Paper collections do come and go, so not all shown is available, but if there’s a style you like or a direction you want to go, it’s always possible. Sky’s the limit- as they say…and I’m ready if you are.

Let me know what you like, or what you’d like to see.

from the basement,

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Unknown said...

Beka! It's fantastic! I can't wait to see it!