Monday, March 16, 2009

The Cure for "Spring Blahs"

I have been working on this post off and on for a full week now (pictures included), and finally have something to show for it. These are just a few of the things I've been working on. The book for Kylie turned out so adorable! Working with those colors definitely was the cure for "Spring Blahs". The 12x12s that I posted pictures of were definetly fun to put together. I love incorporating the interactive elements in books to both keep the eye moving and save space, not to mention time, with more pages.

In keeping with the updates on my household projects:
My husband took all of last week off and we spent the entire time repainting our livingroom, dining room and kitchen. Finally, my furniture is back in place and all I'm missing now is the pictures back on the walls and the window treatments rehung. Wow, what a difference. It does feel better to have a new look. Secretly, I'm hoping for some new furniture out of the whole deal because now the old stuff doesn't match...Secretly. Poor guy.


Debi (Dubs2007) said...

Beka! you are soooo sneaky! But truth be told if I had a new look I'd want the whole package too!

Beka said...

Debi- I've been missing you!!

Guess what , it worked! Just last night we were sitting on the couches out in that room and Shane said, "We need new furniture." So now if we get a tax return (because I haven't even done them yet) we might go look! I get so pleased when one of my little "manipulations" works!