Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Thanks to everyone for visiting me at the Boutique! I was writing a response to Chris' comments and it was getting pretty lengthy so I just decided to make it a post. I had a great show this year! There were tons of people there and everyone was great. I handed out a bunch of cards for hopefully more business.

One gal bought three that day and then called last week to see if she could get some more. When she came over, she fell in love with six of them!!! Can you believe it?!

Then I did this small little show during parent teacher conferences at the Junior High. I didn't really expect a lot, but I sold more than I thought I would.

There are still books here, so don't hesitate to call! If you are looking for a great gift to fill that last hard-to-buy-for person on the list, I can probably help you out!

All together, it's been a fantastic year for me. I so appreciate all of the business and support from my clients. I wish you all the very best for the Christmas season! I hope you find peace, joy and everything else you wish for under your tree!

From the basement,


Chris said...

Glad to hear it went well. Do you have any of the Christmas books left? Did Stacy ever end up getting one?

Beka said...

Sadly, no, Stacey didn't get one and the only Christmas ones I've got left are the Glad Tidings, of which there are 2. You'll have to tell her to plan for it next year!