Monday, July 18, 2011


Last week I mentioned the Cricut blog and the tutorial video I watched for the banner idea. Well, in the middle of everything the gal mentions that instead of having scraps of paper left after cutting an image out with the Cricut, she simply cuts extra tags for use on gifts or whatever later.

I know. All this time I've considered myself to be pretty savvy on my paper scraps. But admittedly I still have lots of leftovers after certain projects, and how easy would it be to just slap a couple tags or label shapes into the negative space as I go?

Armed with this new revelation, I cleaned. no not inside my drawers or even in the scrap folder... I cleaned off just the top of my work table & salvaged a lot of paper.

Part 2 of this story is that one of the only reasons I hunted down the Picturesque cartridge is for the fantastic and elegant tags that are on it.  I've had the cartridge for a while, but haven't really played with it yet. Opportunity presented, see?!

As you can see, I made bunches and bunches. I have no idea when I will ever use all of these. And this post is not even close to all that I did make. I got a little carried away. On the plus side, now I have a tag for almost any occasion so now I'm free to procrastinate to my hearts content about the whole gift giving scenario!

Simple, but so pretty.

Like I said, these are just a few of what came from the scrap room! I'll post more tags periodically. It was just a great opportunity for me to try some new techniques, and once I got started, the ideas started to flow. It was quite an evolution by the time I was through!

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