Thursday, April 5, 2012

For a Bridal Shower

A few times, I am asked to make something to be passed around at a bridal (or baby) shower for guests to write pearls of wisdom and well wishes into. I always include quotes and poems in the books to fill some empty spaces, too. This time, we added some party favor embellishments to the order, with the xoxo flags and flowers to go under cake pops. That was fun!

Here's my latest take on the idea:
You have to imagine that the stick is white and instead of a cotton
ball there's a beautiful culinary cake pop delectable.

Also, the title is hard to see because I added a pearl shimmer to the ink.
Gorgeous, but didn't photograph well because it reflects the light.
It says, "Happily Ever After tips"

Just wanted to do a closeup shot of the
"ghost" stamping I did here. 

See the pearl shimmer?

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