Friday, April 6, 2012

Avoiding the Taxes!!

See the date? Seems that I will go to almost any length to avoid that pesky April deadline. Why do I do it to myself? Every year I tell myself that I will get them done early and every year it gets later and later. *sigh*. I. Hate. Them.

So this is what I did instead :)
They're bookmarks!!

They're a little speckly because I couldn't resist hitting them with a little shimmer spray, I just love the stuff.

So it is now with great dragging of my feet and lots of the humph-ing that I detest from my kids that I stop procrastinating and do the devil's work: taxes *shiver*

Thanks for dropping by!

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1 comment:

stevie kay said...

I probably won't see you for a few weeks and you don't have facebook for me to hunt you down, so I figured this might be the best way to tell you something.

Thanks for the apology :-) I honestly don't ever remember you saying anything, and my blog post was for partially poking fun at my crazy self anyway. So don't feel bad at all!!!